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It's Time for a Fresh Start

In today’s economy, mortgage foreclosures are at an all-time high. You spend years overpaying on your devalued home, and fall hopelessly behind on payments. While you try to work with your mortgage company on repayment plans bob-dietrich.pngand loan modifications, they continue to report you as past due on your credit report, causing your interest rates to skyrocket. Creditors and collection agencies constantly call, threatening garnishment of your wages, bank accounts, and tax returns. Before you know it, you’re facing foreclosure.

If you are hopelessly behind on your mortgage payments, filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can give you up to five years to catch up your payments. If the value of your home is less than the amount owed on your first mortgage, a Fresh Start will even allow you to discharge your second mortgage and remove the lien from your property.

Get rid of credit card balances, medical bills, signature loans, and payday advance loans. A Fresh Start will discharge your unsecured debt and stop collection calls, creditor harassment and garnishments. If your interest rate is over 5.25%, a Fresh Start will reduce your interest rate and monthly payment. You also get to keep your vehicle or other collateral. Would your family benefit from these savings?

Help is available. I have more than twenty years of experience in mortgage loan modification, debt relief, bankruptcy, and real estate law, and have helped more than a thousand clients get a fresh start.

Put an expert attorney to work for you; call me today at 517.374.8000.

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